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SES - extrusion, transformation polyethylene soluble biodegradable

preserved environment

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Single pouch zip bags


Used for any industrial, medical, pharmaceutical or food-friendly purposes.

Permanent stock for following dimensions :

  • 6x8cm
  • 8x12cm
  • 10x15cm
  • 15x18cm
  • 16x22cm
  • 18x25cm
  • 23x32cm
  • 25x35cm
  • 30x40cm
  • 35x45cm

Those bags can have an reusable or definitive adhesive flap or they can have a secure and definitive closing system with hot-melt adhesive.

Double pouch zip bags


Secured “Super-zip” bags, used for :

  • Biological samples
  • Medical devices
  • Various samples

1 pouch for the content and 1 pouch for the attached documents

Possible printing

3 dimensions – 3 possible pouches heights :

  • A4
  • A5
  • B5sac-double2

Those bags can have a reusable or definitive adhesive flap.

For samples requiring “high security” or in order to stick to current standards regarding infectious risk samples transport , use the secure and definitive closing system bag.

Adhesive flap bags


Any uses

Definitive or reusable flap  – with or without security strip.

Material: LDPE or Cast Polypropylene (CPP).

Single or double pouch.

Any dimensions, colours, thickness

With or without printing.

In addition, we propose our zip bags.

We can also propose a secure and definitive closure system bag with hot melt adhesive.

Sailor bag

In development.

Secure closing system bags

Secure and definitive closing system bags with hot melt adhesive.

Used for infectious risk biological samples transportation and, more generally, for all samples requiring a closing guarantee.

Available with single or double “kangaroo” pouch.

3 standard sizes

A4, A5 and B5

Possible customization (colors and printing)

Traceability on each bag.

Those bags are made under licence and are exclusively commercialised by LESS FRANCE Company.

T-shirt bags

Since many years SES has been manufacturing  T-Shirt bags of any colours, dimensions and thickness in :

  • HDPE or LDPE
  • Oxo-dégradable.
  • Bio-compostable

In addition, we import WHITE HDPE T-Shirt bags.

Standard dimensions : 260//60 x 450 mm and 300//75 x 540 mm.

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