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Water soluble bags and films

sac-hydrosolublesSince 2002, SES has been manufacturing any sizes of water soluble bags inHydrotext® (material made out of PVA/PVOH). Those bags are soluble in cold water (from 15°) or in warm water (from 45°).

The main characteristic lies in their capacity to dissolve themselves when they are in contact with water.
material we use to make our bags is produced in EU, standardized for more than 20 years.



Many uses :anim-soluble(1)

  • Contaminated linen transport
    Comparative statement between 100% water soluble and Water
    soluble strip laundry bags
    Standard dimensions : 66×84 cm
    200 bags per box – Bundles of 25 bags packed in plastic pouches
    – Cold water soluble (>15°) 
    Clear / Blue strip
    – Warm water soluble (>45°) 
    Clear / Red strip
    – Warm water soluble (>45°) 
    Red / Red strip

  • Single dose bags  for washing powder, concrete, colourings…
  • Fishing bags
  • Films for embroidery

Soon : water soluble and food-friendly material launching


Discover all our range for “hazardous products”:

Water soluble strip or 100% water soluble bags for contaminated linen

Bags  for hazardous biological samples

Bags for radioactive linen or waste

Hazardous waste bagsBoxes,  containers and cardboard boxes

Electronic antistatic

In development.


In development.

Oxo-dégradable range

Since 2005 SES offers products with additive-Oxo-biodegradable agents. Products retain the same properties and the same mechanical aspects that Polyethylenes ordinary. The additive will make the product frangible under the action of light and heat in a predefined duration. The remaining particles are bio-assimilated by nature.

This process allows you to find a solution satisfactory eco-at a reasonable cost.




Compostable range

bio-compostableSince 2006SES has been extruding and converting products in  Biotext® (made out of renewable green material  -potatoe or sweetcorn starch- in accordance with OK Compost label and EN 13432 standard ) biodégradable in 5-6 weeks in an industrial composting station.

This process allows you  to upgrade your waste and to avoid the landfill disposal costs…

It promotes your eco-company image and differentiates you from your competitors.

Silky touch gives to the product a luxurious and highend quality.


Many applications :

  • gaine-biotexThermal baths and thalassotherapy sheets
  • Green waste bags
  • Animal excrements bags
  • T-shirt bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Medecine bags
  • Dry cleaners and laundries tube
  • “Easy to wear” and Haute-Couture hoods
  • Packaging films
  • All types of bags and pouches


Bags with watersoluble tie and opening

sesSince 2003, SES has been manufacturing water soluble laundry bags with a central strip secured by recovering.

Usage : traitement (collecte, transport, lavage sécurisé) du linge contaminé  pour blanchisseries hospitalières, hôpitaux locaux, maisons de retraite…

Those bags can be customized (size, colour….)

  • 3 colours in stock; clear, red, yellow
  • 3 standard dimensions in stock: 50x65cm / 71x76cm / 71x96cm (gussets dimensions included)
  • 200 bags per box
  • 10, 25 or 50 bags per bundle or under plastic pouch

Comparatif entre les sacs hydrosolubles et les sacs à ouverture soluble


sac-a-ouvertureSince several months, water soluble strip bags imported from Asia have appeared on the market…
We have been often advised of big quality problems on those bags, specially on the central strip:
– Either it dissolves in warm water only (if the linen is low temperature washed, the strip doesn’t dissolve totally)
– Or it is dissolved by wet linen (strip recovering problem)

As for our bags, we guarantee they are made in FRANCE, in our workshop ( you can visit us). Our Quality Department carries out a bunch of tests and controls to assure a high quality level.


Central strip is protected and secured thanks to our exclusive production process and our teams know-how.

In order to provide a better storage and distribution service , each bundle is individually packed under a plastic pouch. Pouches are then packed in cardboard boxes bearing a batch number (for tracking concern) and a bar code sticker. ISO implementation is an evidence of our capacity to provide our customers a constant and followed up quality service.


Discover all our range for “hazardous products”:

Water soluble strip or 100% water soluble bags for contaminated linen

Bags  for hazardous biological samples

Bags for radioactive linen or waste

Hazardous waste bagsBoxes,  containers and cardboard boxes


Secure closing system bags

Secure and definitive closing system bags with hot melt adhesive.

Used for infectious risk biological samples transportation and, more generally, for all samples requiring a closing guarantee.

Available with single or double “kangaroo” pouch.

3 standard sizes

A4, A5 and B5

Possible customization (colors and printing)

Traceability on each bag.

Those bags are made under licence and are exclusively commercialised by LESS FRANCE Company.


In development.

Precut rolls

Since several years, SES has been differentiating itself through precut rolls productions.

Rolls packing guarantees a high level of hygiene.

Placed on an unwiding machine, all you have to do is to unwide and tear on the precut line.

No more packs handling , bulky packages, wicket lip waste…

We propose, at your convenience :

  • Bags
  • Hoods
  • Foils
  • Tops
  • Tubes

Presented on cores (internal diameter 50 or 76MM) 

In addition, to see our stainless steel unwiding machines.