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SES - extrusion, transformation polyethylene soluble biodegradable

preserved environment

mastered technicality

Food-friendly films

In development.

Schrinkable or non-shrinkable film for laundries

In development.

Slotted film for laundries

In development.

Bundling film

In development.

Packing film

In development.


In development.

Disposable dishes

  • Glasses
  • Plates
  • Knives
  • Forks

Peel-off mats


Those mats are made of 30 PE sheets (bearing a serial number) coated with an adhesive.

They catch contaminating particles coming from shoes, trolleys etc.

They are the ideal solution to go through an area to another one.

Easy use : you remove soiled sheets according to your need.

Colours : White or blue

2 Dimensions : 45×115 or 66×115 cm


 As a variant, we can propose our washable decontamination mats.

Decontamination mats


Those washable mats can catch up to 99% of shoes, trolleys etc, contaminating particles.

They are the ideal solution to go through an area to another one.

Nonslip area.

Available with inclined red strips at the end to make the access easier for wheels.

Color : Blue

Thickness : 7 mm

Dimensions : 58×200, 60×120, 90×200, 120×200 cm

Thickness : 5 mm

Dimensions : 60×120  cm


As a variant, we propose our Peel-off mats.



Clothing belt


Textile straps

Colours :

  • red,
  • green,
  • blue,

Dimensions : Mini: 124cm /Maxi: 193cm

Holding hook : 12.5 cm

Plastic adjusting system