sesSince 2003, SES has been manufacturing water soluble laundry bags with a central strip secured by recovering.

Bags is made from LDPE, HDPE or Biocompostable material

Strip and tie are made from PVAL (cold water soluble – >15°C)

Use for handling and washing contaminated and infectious linen

Those bags can be customized (size, colour….)

  • 3 colours in stock; clear, red, yellow
  • 3 standard sizes in stock: 50x65cm / 71x76cm / 71x96cm (gussets dimensions included)
  • 200 bags per box
  • 10, 25 or 50 bags on a PE bags


sac-a-ouvertureSince several months, water soluble strip bags imported from Asia have appeared on the market…
We have been often advised of big quality problems on those bags, specially on the central strip:
– Either it dissolves in warm water only (if the linen is low temperature washed, the strip doesn’t dissolve totally)
– Or it is dissolved by wet linen (strip recovering problem)

As for our bags, we guarantee they are made in FRANCE, in our workshop ( you can visit us). Our Quality Department carries out a bunch of tests and controls to assure a high quality level.


Central strip is protected and secured thanks to our exclusive production process and our teams know-how.

In order to provide a better storage and distribution service , each bundle is individually packed under a plastic pouch. Pouches are then packed in cardboard boxes bearing a batch number (for tracking concern) and a bar code sticker. ISO implementation is an evidence of our capacity to provide our customers a constant and followed up quality service.


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